CLA 400 - 80 soft gels

CLA 400 - 80 soft gels

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CLA400 is the perfect partner when you're looking to loose weight. It can help you achieve a healthy body fat to muscle ratio, and it also prevents the yo-yo effect.

The conjugated linoleic acid helps to establish the optimal levels of body fat storage and lean muscle mass. With the help of linoleic acid and proper exercise, the body transforms stored fat into muscle. Often during weight loss, the body looses not only fat - muscle mass can also decrease (more likely in cases of insuffi cient protein or amino acid intake). When muscle mass decreases, metabolism slows because there is less muscle to participate in fat burning. As soon as your diet is over and you return to normal eating, you will start to gain weight because the food will not be burned fast enough. This is the reason why after dieting many people start to gain weight - CLA 400 helps to prevent the yo-yo effect.

Directions for use: Take 4 capsules daily, with adequate amount of water (or other beverages).

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