Mens Arginine - 90caps

Mens Arginine - 90caps

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Designed to support sexual health

This stimulating product has been scientifically designed to increase male satisfaction. It con-tains 3 grams of the amino acid L-Arginine – it’s one of the key ingredients in Arginmax’s superior formula. L-Arginine is a building block of nitric oxide which helps maintain blood vessel tone. It included a proprietary blend of special herbs that provide you with steady le-vels of the herb’s active compounds. Ginkgo is one of the world’s oldest plants; it supports increased peripheral blood flow to the extremities.

Directions: Take three tablets twice daily with 300ml of water. Men’s ArginMax works naturally with your body. Although some men may experience results more quickly, it’s best to use it continuously for at least four weeks for maximum results.

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