MultiHypotonicDrink 1000ml

MultiHypotonicDrink 1000ml

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A hypotonic drink contains carbohydrates, electrolytes in lower concentration than body fluids, so it can be absorbed easily. Beside the quick re-hydration, by the carbohydrates it can upload the muscles glycogen storage and balance the electrolyte level.
Consider that you do not loose only water by sweating. One thing is for sure, the Multi Hypotonic Drink has several benefits to improve your sport performance and more effective in re-hydration of the body. Further more with the delicious fruity flavors it dazzles everyone.

Recommendation: This liquid drink concentrate was developed for professional athletes who train regularly even more times a day and they need quick re-hydration, regeneration and supplementation with valuable vitamins and minerals which might depleted from the body because of sweating. The ideal solution for this is Multi Hypotonic Drink.

Suggested use: Dissolve 10 ml Multi Hypotonic Drink concentrate in 500 ml water to get a drink.

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