Super Fat Burner 120 tablets

Super Fat Burner 120 tablets

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A complex supplement for fat metabolism. Contains an increased amount of active ingredients. Contains all the fat burning and metabolizing compounds which help dieters promote weight loss. This is the supplement for a weight loss program that combines light training and a low calorie diet. Speeds up fat metabolism, regulates blood sugar levels, increases fat burning and sup­presses the appetite.

Recommendation: We recommend this product to dieters who want to enhance their weight loss process in combination with a low calorie intake and a light training program.

Up to 50 kg 2 Tablets
50 kg to 75kg 3 Tablets
Over 75 kg 4 Tablets

Suggested use: Take the listed dose with at least 300ml water. For the best result take this supplement half an hour before exercise and again before going to bed.

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