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Vitamin B-complex - 60caps

Vitamin B-complex - 60caps

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Dietary Supplement + antioxidants + herbs

A balanced B complex that provides 8 essential B vitamins along with other vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and herbs.

B vitamins are necessary for carbohydrate metabolism and energy production.
Vitamin B1 plays a role in energy metabolism and is essential for proper nerve and muscle function.
Vitamin B2 is essential for energy production and fat, carbohydrate and protein metabolism.
Niacin provides dietary support for a healthy blood lipid profile.
Vitamin B6 plays a role in the maintenance of normal homocysteine levels.
Folic acid plays a role in the maintenance of normal homocysteine levels, supports your cardiovascular system. Adequate folate in a healthful diet may reduce a woman's risk of having a child with a brain or spinal cord defect. Vitamin B12 is essential for energy production and red blood cells. Biotin functions as a coenzyme in metabolism, is required for fatty acid synthesis and provides dietary support for healthy nails and hair. Includes important minerals such as iron which is involved in energy utilization. Enhanced with herbs like energizing guarana, ginseng and bee pollen.

Suggested use: as a dietary supplement, take two capsules daily.

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