Black Blood Shot 60ml

Black Blood Shot 60ml

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In one serving (30 ml):

• 1500 mg of Beta-Alanine
• 900 mg of taurine
• 75 mg of L-tyrosine
• 200 mg of caffeine
• 20 mg of green tea leaf extract
• from which 16 mg are polyphenols

Why do we recommend Black Blood Shot?

  • Ready to drink product

  • With 5 active ingredients

  • With 1500 mg of Beta-Alanine per serving

  • With taurine, L-tyrosine and green tea leaf extract to support synergy

  • With 200 mg of caffeine per serving

  • Practical package

  • Sugar-free


Black Blood is a well-known name among sportsmen with extreme needs preferring pre-workout formulas! Black Blood Shot is a new formula in a practical ampule packaging, so you can consume it instantly before and during your workouts. The product contains 5 types of active ingredients in a perfect dose. Besides, during the selection of the ingredients we pay a great attention to the principle of synergy, too.


First of all, let us introduce you ‘the great three’ ingredients, which shouldn’t be missed out from any pre-workout formulas. These are beta-alanine, which is the component of carnosine peptide, taurine, which is a well-known neurotransmitter and caffeine’s ‘best friend’. L-tyrosine can’t be missed out either, which is a conditionally essential amino acid, a great active ingredient alone and in a team as well!

Besides, we should mention green tea leaf extract as well with 80% polyphenol content. The 200 mg caffeine content per serving also guarantee the product’s success.

Believe us, these substances always help you to get some extra motivation and assure that Black Blood name won’t disappoint you!

BioTechUSA Black Blood Shot is recommended

  • for bodybuilders

  • for combat sports athletes

  • if you want extra motivation

  • if you’re looking for a flavoured, ready to drink product

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Like all BioTechUSA products Black Blood Shot consists of only safe and carefully selected ingredients.


Consume 1 ampule a day in two servings: one serving (30 ml = ½ ampule) 15 minutes before your workout and the other one during your workout! Shake well before consumption!


It contains high amount of caffeine (200 mg caffeine/serving [30 ml], 667 mg caffeine/100 ml). Do not exceed the recommended daily amount! It is not recommended in case of known underlying disease or medication, for children under the age of 18, pregnant and nursing women, patients with hypertension and caffeine sensitivity! Dietary supplements do not replace a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of small children!


Water, betaalanine,taurine, sweeteners (sorbitols, acesulfameK, sucralose), acid (citric acid),caffeine 0.67%, thickeners (cellulose gum,xanthan gum, guar gum), L-Tyrosine,preservative (sorbic acid), green tea (Camelliasinensis) leaf extract 0.07%, flavouring,colour (carmine).

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