CREATINE pH-X 210caps

CREATINE pH-X 210caps

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Creatine pH-X gives superior strenghth and power increases!

No loading period!
Creatine monohydrate enclosed in a capsule.The pH-X value ensures great utilization because it is resistant to the acidity in the stomach.
The capsule releases creatine continuously, so the utilization is even better, it is continuous. This product provides cell growth and muscle growth without a loading period. There is no creatine bloat. Allows for smaller doses and provides a more efficient creatine utilization.
Recommendation: For those athletes who need creatine supplementation at a high level. For those athletes who wants to improve their sport performance, use Creatine pH-X.

Suggested use: Take 2 capsules Creatine pH-X 10 minutes before training. For maximum effects take 8-10 capsules on an empty stomach, 80 minutes before workout, 20 minutes later (60 minutes before the workout) take 100g of glucose with a tall glass of water

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