Nitrox Therapy 340g

Nitrox Therapy 340g

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This is a pre-work out energizer, provides an immediate performance increase, and more intensive training.

Creates fast muscle recovery with no muscle stiffness after training. These are the benefits of the Nitrox Therapy.

Vitamins and minerals supply the body and compensate for the losses that occur during training.

Active ingredients support nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide is a vasodilator so the increased blood flow delivers more nutrition and oxygen to the muscles. It removes quickly ammonium and lactic acid from the muscles which decreases muscles acidity, thus muscle stiffness. It contains herbal extracts, anti oxidants and electrolytes for higher muscle performance.

Recommendation: We highly recommend this product to every athlete who wants to effectively increase their training and muscle performance. More intensive training leads to a greater anabolic reaction for muscle growth.

Suggested use: Add 20g of Nitrox Therapy to 300ml of cold liquid. Take one serving 30 minutes prior working out.

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